Tante Berta  LIFT  UB-F 750 kg

Lowering Bed and Collapsible


Our newest model. Based on many customer requests we combined the functions of lowering bed (kneeling) and the collapsing. The swiveling axel elements is driven by a simple hand-winch. You can run it with a simple crank or with your battery drill. There is no hydraulics, which might be leaking. All made from simply maintenance-free technology. This trailer can be lowered all the way flat on the ground, with or without a towing vehicle in the front. You can leave the trailer lowered over a long period of time and use it as parking for your motor-cycle. The main new invention is the folding mechanism. The tow-bar (A-frame) can be folded together with the front part of the trailer bed inside of the Chassis. After that the rear part is folded to the front. This way you can vertically put it at your garage wall, needs a min ceiling height of 223 cm. For the erecting into vertical position we offer a special hand winch and 2 pulleys to be bolted to your garage wall. The rear gate can be opened and then acts as a smooth ramp, not only easy to drive in with a motor-cycle, but also with a pallet-jack. The tie-down fittings are in the right places to as well secure a single motor-cycle in the center-position as one in right and left position. For that the motor-cycles have a distance of 100 cm, need e.g. for BMW GS with  hand protectors. Tante Berta LIFT comes with a fully welded and hot dip galvanized Chassis, a 15 mm birch ply floor plate and is Made in Germany. Electric connection with a 13 pin plug.


For this trailer we offer special front wheel chocks. The look like standard chocks, but have a quick disconnect feature, so can easily remove them or switch them from center to outer positions. Also we offer 40 cm high Aluminum side-wall extensions and canvas tents. Here specifically see our airfoil shaped model Octopus with special “drive-in” function.


Technical Data:



Deck Dims

250 x 130 x 11 cm

Overall Dims       

362 x 209 x 69 cm


Steel 11 cm, optional 40 cm extra in Aluminum

Floor Plate

birch ply, Phenol coated, 15 mm

Garage space needed  

223 cm height

Gross weight 

750 kg (unbraked)

Unladen Weight

250 kg / 500 kg


13 Zoll

100 km/h



Price: EUR 4290 (incl. 19% VAT, without transfer)


Chocks and Accessories for LIFT