Tante Berta  FOLD  box&bike

The flexible trailer as general utility and for motorcycles


This option is for people who want to transport other items beside just motorcycles. The 40 cm extra high aluminum side walls allow a very comfortable and save load-securing. For motorcycle transport you remove the front wall and insert the front-wheel chock with rotating cups. This feature is adjustable to different wheel sizes and equipped with quick-release fittings.  The loading ramps get stowed in one side-wall. The trailer is equipped with an extremely sturdy fully welded steel frame, hot dip galvanised for a long usage. The robust features can also be seen in the 15 mm thick birch ply floor plate and 10 very strong tie-down fittings. Compared to other collapsible trailers this one has the axle as one non-separated element. The cast coupling has an integrated lock against theft. The trailer comes with a jockey wheel and with a 13-pin connector.

The patented folding mechanism allows collapsing it in 30 sec. You can store the trailer upright on its tailgate without any further equipment. But the best space utilization in your garage is achieved when setting it up with the rear to the top so the wheels are above the car. This takes another 90 sec and you would use a manual winch (see under accessories). You just need 20 cm depth along the wall and your garage needs to be min 223 cm high.


Technical Data

Product-Name WT2010-03
Box Inside Dims 202 x 105 x 40 cm
Overall Dims 290 x 158 x 99 cm
Side-Walls Aluminum 40 cm high (completely removable)
Floor Plate 15 mm birch ply with phenolic film
Garage space needed 223 cm height, 20 cm depth
Gross weight 750 kg (unbraked)
Unladen weight 210 kg / 540 kg
Wheels 13“
100 km/h yes (if towing vehicle  is empty min 2500 kg)


Price: EUR 3150 (incl. 19% VAT)

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