Tante Berta  FOLD  box&bike2

The flexible trailer as general utility and for motorcycles


It has the same length, same folding concept, same garage height requirements, also 750 kg unbreaked.

This trailer is 50 cm wider than the standard version and has additional tie down fittings for 2 motorcycles, 1 ramp and 2 front wheel chocks. The distance between the 2 bike-centers is 92 cm to also allow 2 off-road bike side-by-side without the removal of the side-walls. Maximum usable weight is 520 kg.

You can buy this trailer also in the 3 versions: box2, bike2 and box&bike2.


Technical Data

Product-Name WT2015-03
Box Inside Dims 202 x 155 x 40 cm
Overall Dims 290 x 208 x 99 cm
Side-Walls Aluminum 40 cm high (completely removable)
Floor Plate 15 mm birch ply with phenolic film

Garage space needed  

223 cm height, 20 cm depth
Gross weight 750 kg (unbraked)
Unladen weight 230 kg / 520 kg
Wheels 13“
100 km/h yes (if towing vehicle  is empty min 2500 kg)


Price: EUR 3390 (incl. 19% VAT)

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