Octopus Twin Canvas Tent


Octopus is produced since 2016 and now new we are offering Octopus Twin. The Twin offers a full inside width of 209 cm, so 2 motorcycles can be parked next together, even including saddle-bags and handle-bar protectors like on a BMW GS. There is no need to offset the 2 bikes in length direction, no need to interlock them, no risk to scratch them. Each bike can be taken in and out independently.

The Octopus Twin is right now only offered on top of the lowering bed trailers WOM XT from Stema. Most preferred and most popular model is the braked WOM XT 1300 kg.

Octopus is a patented airfoil shaped tent. The round front does not only look attractive, it also saves your gasoline. Within 30 seconds you can open the rear wall and around 2/3rd of the roof. Therefore the rubber bands are disconnected and the foil is rolled up with a crank integrated into the rear wall. The rear part of the roof is then free of cross beams which allows you to sit on the motor cycle while driving in, and the tent is just as high as needed for the highest part of the bike, the visor. You can also open the tent at the front corners to tie down the bike at the front. The tent can be mounted directly on a loading bed as well as on top of the rim of side-walls. The ideal application is however the usage with lowering bed trailers (with kneeling device). With Octopus and a permanently lowered trailer this can be your parking or garage all year round.

 The typical ordering is: You buy a Stema WOM XT trailer at a dealer of your choice ( currently around 2750,- to 2900,- Eur). With the trailer you visit us in Empfingen 60 km South of Stuttgart and we mount the tent within 2-3 h. You have to order the Octopus around 4 weeks upfront, color is your choice, extra print, sincle color text, multi color logos or even full surface digital print is an extra option.

Technical Data

- Material: PVC Truck Canvas Cover in 680 g/m2. Edges are double protected.
- Construction: Galvanized steel in 30x30 mm, with plug in an nut-bolt connections
- Free height under the roof’s cross beam: approx. 160 cm (depends on trailer model)
- Height of rear edge: 126 cm (depends on trailer model)
- Weight approx. 105 kg.


Price (incl. 19% German VAT):

EUR 2800,-  Stema WOM XT 1300 kg (reference only)

EUR 1995,-  Octopus Twin Canvas Tent

EUR   295,-  2 Front Wheel Chocks and 6 extra lashing points