Octopus Canvas Tent


Octopus is a patented airfoil shaped tent, offered in different sizes for different trailers. The round front does not only look attractive it also saves your gasoline. Within 30 seconds you can open the rear wall and around 2/3rd of the roof. Therefore the rubber bands are disconnected and the foil is rolled up with a crank integrated into the rear wall. The rear part of the roof is then free of cross beams which allows you to sit on the motor cycle while driving in, and the tent is just as high as needed for the highest part of the bike, the visor. You can also open the tent at the front corners to tie down the bike at the front. The tent can be mounted directly on a loading bed as well as on top of the rim of side-walls. The ideal application is however the usage with lowering bed trailers (with kneeling device). With Octopus and a permanently lowered trailer this can be your parking or garage all year round.


The Octopus in the Single version (also see Octopus Twin) is currently offered for the trailers Stema WOM XT, Humbaur HKT, Vezeko Husky, Pongraz and Tante Berta LIFT. Other trailer sizes on request.

The Stema WOM XT we typically have available here (in the range of 3100 €) so you could purchase the complete set.

Unlike the Octopus Twin the standard Octopus Single can also be purchased by a trailer dealer near you and they can mount it onto your trailer. This way you do not have to visit us for mounting the tent.


Technical Data

- Material: PVC Truck Canvas Cover in 680 g/m2. Edges are double protected.
- Construction: Galvanized steel in 30x30 mm, with plug in an nut-bolt connections
- Free height under the roof’s cross beam: approx. 159 cm (depends on trailer model)
- Height of rear edge: 121 cm (depends on trailer model)
- Weight approx. 55 kg.


Price: EUR 1790 (incl. VAT, without shipping), depends on trailer size