Front Wheel Chocks for LIFT

U-frame. (U-Bügel) Most simple front wheel holder, for 4 bolts through the trailer bed. All front wheel holders can be combined and fit 1 centered or 1 right and 1 left. EUR 19

Chock (Wippe) with quick connect, no tools needed. This holds the bike in position so you can tie it without a helping hand. Adjustable for different wheel sizes. You can mount this in the center as well as on the right and left side, with 100 cm distance to fit e.g. BMW R1200GS handle protectors. It is popular to buy 1 Chock, which is usually in the center-position and 1 U-frame permanently on one side. In case a 2nd bike has to be carried, the Chock is moved from the center to the free outer position. This is the scenario if you mostly carry one bike, but want to flexibility to carry 2 bikes occasionally. EUR 119

Lockable Coupling. Optional steel cast highly durable coupling incl. lock. With the lock you can as well lock the trailer when it is parked, but also you can lock it to your car when hooked it. Differential price when buying a new trailer. EUR 49


Aluminum Side Wall. Extra 40 cm Aluminum sidewalls which can be mounted and removed in a few minutes. With these 40 cm high walls you can extend the original 11 cm height of the steel walls to 51 cm. These walls are only at the front, right and left. The tail gate with 24 cm height is still the original ramp. A trailer with the walls can carry a single bike. For transporting two bikes you have to remove the walls. EUR 549