Hand Winch Set for FOLD


For the vertical storage of the trailer (any model) on the garage wall with the tail facing to the top and wheels above the car. Lifting it up without any equipment is even very hard for 2 people. The hand winch allows you a simple one-person operation. Collapsing the trailer and hoisting it up takes in total just 2 min. The set contains the manual winch and a wall mount for it, it includes 2 pivoting pulley wheels and the rolling tablet. The tablet is used to place the coupling on, so you can maneuver the trailer inside the garage and is a defined pivoting axis for the setup on the wall.

All wall mounts are designed for garages with a minimum height of 223 cm. The forces are distributed over many wall plugs specifically to allow save mounting on 8 cm thin wall of pre-cast concrete garages. Includes a detailed setup instruction.

Price: EUR 289 (incl. VAT, without shipping)

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