Absenkbare Modelle Tante Berta LIFT 
Can be lowered all the way flat on the ground, without hydraulics


LIFT UB-F 750kg



EUR 4190

Fits vertically at your garage wall

Lifting with rope winch


Foldable Trailers Tante Berta FOLD
Collapsible in 30 sec, fits vertically at your garage wall, with 40 cm Aluminum side walls




EUR 2890

foldable  - 202x105x40cm

FOLD Box&Bike



EUR 3150

foldable  -

with ramp and front wheel chock

FOLD Box 2



EUR 3090

foldable  - 202x155x40cm

FOLD Box&Bike 2



EUR 3390

foldable  - 202x155x40cm
with ramp and 2 front wheel chocks
Octopus Canvas Tent

Octopus Canvas Tent
Rear and roof can be opened as one piece
- Roll-Up of the opening in 30 sec
Sit on the motor cycle while driving in
Attractive airfoil shape
Offered for different size trailersa
approx. EUR 1290 (depends on trailer size)


Accessories for LIFT

Accessories for LIFT

Elektrowindenset LIFT UB-F
Passend für GÜDE Elektroseilwinde 100/200 oder 125/250

(Preis ist ohne die Winde selber)


EUR 159

Handwindenset LIFT UB-F


EUR 289

Bordwände Holz


EUR 249

Aluminium Side Wall


EUR 549

Accessories for FOLD

Handwinch for FOLD


EUR 289

Canvas Tent for FOLD


EUR 499

Electric winch base for FOLD


EUR 39