Tante Berta LIFT
Lowering bed trailer – works without hydraulics. Can be lowered totally flat on the ground using a simple hand winch. Fits as well 1 or 2 motor cycles.
LIFT now also collapsible to fit vertical in your garage and as braked version.



Tante Berta FOLD (not available any more)
Folding Trailer. Fits in a standard garage together with your car. This is made possible in 30 sec with the patented folding mechanism. Available as standard version box and with additional motorcycle equipment as box&bike (currently not in production).



Octopus Canvas Tent
Airfoil shaped canvas tent with motorcycle “Drive-In“ function. The patented opening can be rolled open very fast along the back side and the rear part of the top. Available for Tante Berta LIFT and trailers from other manufacturers.

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